About Vivian Dahlin

I retired from full-time employment in 2007 and moved to the coast of Washington State. I became a novice dog and cat trapper in late 2008 and have honed my skills over the years. Trapping at-large dogs and getting them off the streets and back into homes is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I also do pet photography and specialize in action shots of dogs. I have long been involved in Border Collie rescue.


Welcome to Operation Dog Rescue

You may be visiting our site because you or someone you know has become separated from their beloved pet.  Or perhaps you’re concerned about a loose dog that you’ve seen on your property or in your neighborhood.

We’re here to help.

Operation Dog Rescue specializes in the capture of “at-large,” lost, missing, abandoned dogs – dogs who are living on their own and going out of their way to avoid human contact.  This may be a lost dog with an owner, or a dog with no owner that is loose in a specific area.  ODR has a track record of successful dog captures that allows us to offer informed suggestions to owners [or a designated contact person], and implement well tested trapping methods that frequently result in the capture of even the most elusive dogs.

ODR consults on missing dog cases throughout the nation.

For more information contact Vivian at eliottd2002@yahoo.com , or call Vivian at mobile number  360. 580. 9927.

For more information, visit the ABOUT ODR page on this site.